LifeWrite Publication and Media was established in 2014 when Garrett Drew Ellis, ( Owner, Publisher and Writer) wanted to stop freelancing part time and offer his writing services full time. Having used therapeutic memoir writing as a tool of healing in his own life, he grew up to become a professional memoirist and storyteller. Unfortunately, he also missed the opportunity to hear and write all of his grandmother’s life story when she died from Parkinson’s disease. Being the last matriarch of his family, he lost many stories and details about her life and the life of his family.

Out of that unfortunate time grew a desire to not only write his own story but to write about the lives of others. Garrett wanted to serve others by recording lives. Thus, LifeWrite was born.  Believing in the therapeutic value of written life stories, Garrett built LifeWrite on the principles of partnership, accessibility and creative storytelling.



The writers and staff at LifeWrite are partners with every client we work with. As ghostwriters, we are committed to supporting our clients as we write on their behalfs; we pride ourselves on honesty and creative integrity.


Because writing and sharing our life’s story can be deeply therapeutic, we believe that all individuals should have the opportunity to share their life. Our pricing is always clear, affordable and accessible to all. We offer long term payment arrangements and schedules.

Creative Storytelling

We have a deep love for words. Every story we tell is done so in a beautifully written, creative way. Every image and brand we help clients create supports their vision and ultimate story. We are committed to presenting our client’s lives in creative ways.

As a child, I was mute for almost a year because of a trauma. Learning to process, write and chronicle stories gave me my voice back. I want LifeWrite to be a place where people can find their own voices. To write their own lives.

Garrett Drew Ellis

We “Co-work” in community

To support our community core value,  LifeWrite is a member of the Candy Factory in Lancaster, PA, the oldest established coworking space in Central Pennsylvania. As members, we work alongside start ups and long established businesses in a collaborative, creative environment. With access to many business services, we share the philosophy of collaboration, growth and community. Check out the Candy Factory here.

Those We Serve: Our Heart

Part of our philosophy lies in making sure that our services are available to all people, especially those who might not have access otherwise. Additionally, because we view storytelling and ghostwriting as sacred, we endeavor to make it available in the most sensitive of situations.

In addition to any and everyone who wants our services, we have specialized training in writing and helping the following:

  • Those in hospice and end of life transitions
  • The elderly and aged
  • Children and Teens processing grief and loss of parental figures
  • Those suffering from depression and anxiety, whether clinically diagnosed or not.

While we do not offer clinical diagnoses or therapy, our writers have specialized training to work with these populations. Garrett in particular ( Owner and Principal Writer) is a hospice volunteer, End of Life Doula in training and has experience with childhood trauma, grief and depression.