Recently, I had the opportunity to see just how much words and names can really affect a person’s life.

I have the pleasure of working with a young woman who recently reminded me of this universal truth. Within our coworking relationship, I had the chance to see an evolution take place within her heart and spirit, one that arose out of a choice she made to change the story of her past. By literally renaming herself and writing down the story of her life, I watched her morph into a better version of herself, a version that by definition is in opposition to the life she once lived.

For a long time, Rose Luciano (formerly Jennifer Luciano) lived a life that was defined by the names people called her. In particular, “Jennifer” and “Jenn” brought up nothing but negative connotations for her, all based upon the negative experiences attached to those names. Through a long, hard process, she found that being known by her middle name, Rose, ( a soft, warm, beautiful flower) she was able to find lasting peace and purpose. She became better acquainted with who she really is.

Obviously, changing your name is no trivial task. As Rose set out to do this, she asked me to help her put her story into words. As we sat down and she shared all of her experiences and emotions with me, tears flowed from her eyes. The retelling of her story allowed for this and I watched as she relived those experiences. Through the process however, I was able to help her not only put her feelings and story down on paper, but to find an emotional space where she was happy with who she is right now ( not who or what people in her past thought she was). I believe that it was then, when her new name/story was in print and her old one was on the way out the door, she really began to blossom and become the person she wants to be.

After this, I heard her share her story publicly. With a group of other like minded individuals in our coworking space, she shared with us her decision to rename and rebrand herself. She encouraged us to evolve into the people we want to be as well, leaving behind feelings and thought patterns that no longer serve us.

It was an honor to help Rose tell her story. Through the work we did together, I was reminded of how we are all in a process of growth, evolution and self acceptance. I was reminded that sometimes, it takes a commitment to our own personal storytelling to find peace and wholeness.


In her new life with her new name, Rose has a motto that I believe is so fitting.


“Fuel your heart, Fuel your Freedom”.

Full Tank, Rose Luciano


This is so true. For me, fueling my heart means constantly rewriting and retelling the stories that make up who I am. Doing so has helped me to be and do better than I was yesterday. Isn’t that what we are all striving for? To do and be better than the person we were yesterday?

Garrett Drew Ellis Rose Luciano

I am deeply encouraged by the evolution of Rose. You can read more about her story here on the Candy Factory’s website.