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Services we Provide

LifeWrite is a full service publishing company. What makes us unique is that we understand that all people are not writers, yet all people have a story to tell. To empower our clients and help them realize their literary dreams, our writers and staff will ghostwrite their life story, help design and print the final book and then, help publish and distribute it to national retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Clients can choose one or all of these services; your experience with LifeWrite is fully customizable.

What is ghostwriting you say? Check out a full description on our blog here. See below for information on our ghostwriting, publishing and print/design packages.


Ghostwriting/Memoir Creation

  • A fully edited, well written memoir of up to 30K words
  • Up to 40 hours of interviewing & writing with a professional writer and memoirist
  • A clear and concise ghostwriting contract including confidentiality/nondisclosure and ownership clauses.
  • Flexible payment arrangements tailored to the clients needs.

Publishing & Printing 

  • Softcover formatting
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Complimentary Author Copy
  • Worldwide Book Distribution
  • Library of Congress Control Number
  • U.S. Copyright Registration
  • Book Interior and Cover Design
  • E-book Formatting and Distribution
  • Image Insertion: up to 10
  • Editorial Assessment
  • Free Paperback Copies: 5

Audio Story Archiving:

  • Up to 20 hours of interviewing with a professional biographer, skilled in interviewing and storytelling techniques.
  • Final professional recordings completed with state of the art sound equipment and edited for quality and presentation.
  • Final recordings in preferred sound formats: DVD, CD, MP3, Audio Downloads

3 in 1: 

  • Everything included in Ghostwriting Package
  • Everything included in Publishing/Printing Package
  • Everything included in Audio Story Archiving Package


Add on/Additional Services

Workshops/Consulting/One on One Mentoring

  • Memoir workshops conducted on site at retirement communities, hospices, health care agencies, libraries and other communities.
  • Consulting with agencies to create custom retreats and experiences around built around therapeutic writing and life story creation.
  • One on one with individuals to create plans for writing and publishing memoirs on their own.
    • Ghostwriting

    • Publishing & Printing

    • Audio Story Archiving

    • Workshops, Consulting & One on One Mentoring

All of our packages are customizable. We take pride in making these accessible to all demographics and both short or long term payment schedules are built into our client agreements.

Flexible Payment Options


Because we value honesty, integrity and accessibility in our services, every customer is guaranteed a payment arrangement that feeds their financial needs. Whether it be short term or long term, we are committed to making all of our packages available to all people.

In our ghostwriting package, this plays out through structured payments as work/chapters are written and approved. Additionally, our writers provide detailed outlines to our clients when creating manuscripts; these outlines assure that the client knows when chapters will be complete and when payments are due. 

All of the details regarding payment arrangements and due dates are spelled out in the partnership agreements we give to our customers. They are written in clear, concise language and we do our due diligence to make sure that they are understood before being signed and work begins.

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